Wifi cards & Antenna

Here is some of my fav. cards I have picked for you for making your wireless pen-testing more powerful and interesting.










Alfa AWUS036H(b/g) 500 mW with RP-SMA Adapter (2dBi Antenna Included can extend upto 21 dbi omni antenna’s or +34 dbi grid or directional antenna’s),Realtek 8187L Chipset based(BT3 & Aircrack-ng supported)

Alfa AWUS036H technical specifications




Wireless: IEEE 802.11b/g
USB 2.0 standard

Maximum TX Power


Data Rate

802.11b: UP to 11Mbps
802.11g: 54Mbps

Number of Channels

10~13 : France, Jordan
1~11 : USA and Taiwan
1~13 : European
1~13,14: Japan

OS Support

Windows 98SE
Windows ME
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Linux 2.6
Mac 10.3
Mac 10.4


USB 2.0 mini USB

Antenna Connector



Realtek 8187L


64/128/256 Bit WEP Key, WPA,TKIP,WPA2



FAQ about this card

->Alfa 500mW USB adapters typically drop the connection about once a day: How to fix?

Alfa 500mW USB adapters are prone to drop the connection about once a day for no apparent reason. Here is the fix in Windows (less than 30 seconds): DROPPED CONNECTION REPAIR Click the Windows wireless icon in your system tray (looks like a PC monitor with radio waves). Click “Support” tab, then “Repair” button. This is not a permanent fix – it will quickly re-connect the adapter the the network.

->Alfa 500mW USB adapter: USB cable with 2 connectors: Reason for second cable-connector

Only older laptops of Win 98 era need to have the second plug connected. Older laptops of Win 98 era must have BOTH of the USB connectors connected to USB ports: One of them for power. Newer laptops of Win 2000 era or younger need only to have the larger of the two plugs connected.

->Alfa 500mW USB adapter: Only one of the USB connectors is required for operation

Alfa 500mW USB adapter just uses one of the USB connectors on the cable: Only the slightly larger of the two USB connectors is required to be plugged in.

some of links where you can purchase this card with or without high-gain external antenna


Normal alfa card with 2 dbi antenna(USD$ 53.97+handling/shipping extra)


Alfa card with 12 dbi external omni antenna(65 GBP+ handling/shipping extra)


Alfa card with 2 dbi antenna(USD$ 69.36+Free shipping worldwide)


Alfa card with 19 dbi antenna(USD$ 152.61+handling/shipping extra)

802.11g high power USB Adapter

Technical Specification Sheet Download

Product Link

WMP300N(Wireless-N PCI Adapter)

Data Sheet

User Guide

Linksys WUSB54G V4 Only based on Ralink rt2570 chipset supports RP-SMA Antenna with Modifications(BT3 & Aircrack-ng supported)

Data Sheet

External RP-SMA Antenna Connector Modification Guide

Product Link

Linksys WUSB54GC With RT73 Chipset Based with 1.5 mtrs Extension USB Cable Internal Antenna(BT3 & Aircrack-ng supported)

Data Sheet

Product Link

WEC600N(Dual-Band Wireless-N ExpressCard)

Data Sheet

Product Link

D-Link Xtreme N™ Notebook ExpressCard™ (DWA-643)Draft N 108 Mbps Atheros Chipset Based(BT3 & Aircrack-ng supported)

Data Sheet

Product  Manual

DWL-G550 High-Powered Wireless 108G Desktop Adapter Atheros Chipset Based(BT3 & Aircrack-ng supported)

Data Sheet

Product Manual

Product Link







Ubiquiti SuperRange Xpress Card Based On Atheros 5006 Chipset,MMCX Antenna,300 mW(5 dbi antenna)

Indoor Antenna Range(150 Mtrs)

External Antenna(1 KM)

Ubiquiti 11a/b/g LONG DISTANCE WIRELESS CARD: This card’s 300mW of transmission (Tx) power is the highest power of any WiFi card available – and this is the only card with 300mW of power in 802.11g mode (as well as 802.11b). This translates into the longest range & highest bandwidth of any WiFi card on earth. This card also operates in 802.11a mode (100mW in the “A” mode, with 54Mbps bandwidth).

Plugs into Express Card Slot:  This is the newer/narrower type of slot.

This card’s long operating range compared to other wireless card models (these are popular 802.11b cards for comparison):

bullet-pt-blue3x the Tx/Rx power of Cisco 350’s 100mW

bullet-pt-blue10x the Tx/Rx power of the following cards which have 30mW: Orinoco Gold & Silver, D-Link, NetGear

bullet-pt-blue12x the Tx/Rx power of LinkSys WPC11, which has 25mW

bullet-pt-blue1.5x the Tx/Rx power of Senao’s 200mW

802.11b compliant (“WiFi”): Compatible with 802.11b, 802.11g, and 802.11a access points


New with CD, in flawless condition.

INTERNAL ANTENNA.  This card has an internal antenna.  The external antenna will improve the range and performance.

ANTENNA JACK: Card has jack (socket/connector) to connect one external antenna.   Jack type is MMCX: You can attach any antenna with an MMCX plug / connector:

EXTERNAL ANTENNA is included: 5dBi antenna clips-on laptop; includes 20-inch (500mm) cable (“pigtail”) with MMCX connector.

Short antenna cables are better, as signal is lost in antenna cables: This antenna has the same net gain as a 7dBi antenna with a 1.5 meter cable.

WINDOWS Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98SE, NT 4.0, CE: Drivers on CD.  Support for AP mode is available on a separate CD:  Request in email or PayPal note.

LINUX / UNIX: Linux/UNIX driver & instructions * supports all POSIX (Linux/BSD/UNIX-like OSes)

– LINUX-based utility (provided upon request) enables the following:

* Allows operation as station, AP, ad-hoc, “monitor mode.”
* Supports Wireless Extensions API.
* Supports WEP and WPA/802.11i.
* Support for 802.1x authentication in AP mode.

FREEBSD: The FreeBSD driver for this Atheros-chipset based card is a standard part of the FreeBSD operating system.

MACINTOSH: OSX:  Driver is available by download from a third party for $15.  Card works with KisMAC on OSX using this driver.

CARDBUS:  Cardbus Type II slot (PCMCIA Type II).


Compatible with NetStumbler aka Network Stumbler, and Kismet

Compatible with European, US, & Canadian wireless network standards:  802.11a  802.11b  802.11g


Chipset Atheros 5004
Compatibility 802.11a/b/g:  Interoperable with WiFi (WECA) certified equipment.  802.11g at 802.11b speed (11Mbps)
Antenna jack MMCX connector.  See antenna options above.  Any antenna with an MMCX jack is compatible with this card.
Host Interface Express card slot:  This is the slot-type found in newer laptops:  Narrower than the traditional PCMCIA slot
Data Rate 802.11a:  up to 54Mbps  802.11b:  up to 11Mbps   802.11g:  up to 54Mbps
Power Consumption TX power consumption:   600-900mA +/-100mA    RX power consumption:  350mA +/- 50mA
Voltage 3.3V
Compliance CE (SR2CE, 200mW version)
RF Output 24 dBm  +/- 1dB (maximum)
RX sensitivity -95dBm
Security WEP 64 & 128 bit.    WPA/WPA2
Operating temperature -40 – 60 degrees C
Storage temperature -70 – 85 degrees C


Data Sheet

Product Link

XtremeRange2 2.4 GHz World’s first Carrier Class WiFi Mini-PCI Radio Module 600mW Avg. TX Power and Integrated EMP/ESD Protection Circuitry Atheros, 6th Generation, AR5414 Chipset Based(Madwifi Driver Supported)

Avg. TxPower 28 dBm

Indoor Range:200 mtrs

Outdoor Range:50+ K.M.

Data Sheet

Product Link

For more info on wireless cards and their chipset,compatbility and external antenna modifications/connection and technical details.visit the pages

BackTrack 3 Compatible Wireless Devices/Drivers & Modifications

Aircrack-ng Compatible Cards & Drivers & Chip Details

Marine Surfer 2 Watt Otput Power with USB Connectivity



FINALY! A marine solution that works and won’t break the bank!!

Highest power outdoor WiFi product integrated with 9dB Omni antennas. The unit offers the convenience of USB connectivity and comes marine mount.

A true long range product with convenience of USB connectivity. Featuring 2 watt radio power and 9dBi antenna gain to a total EiRP of 42dBm (15Watts).

In addition, the Rx sensitivity of -100dB is unmatched. USB radio and 2 watt amplifier built inside a patent pending designed antenna base.

SKU marine Weight10.00 lbs


A 15 dBi High Quality & Performance Omnidirectional Antenna. Impressive 15 dBi gain for long-range multipoint applications Designed for use in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. Durable fiberglass radome, to stand up to the elements.

  • Frequency Range 2400-2500 MHz
  • Gain 15 dBi
  • VSWR 1:1.5 max
  • Maximum Input Power 100 W
  • Wind Survival >125 MPH
  • Polarization Vertical
  • Integral N Type Female
  • 70 Inches Long(5 ft)
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • 2.5 inch max diameter mast





27.00 lbs(12.24 KG)


15 dBi Parabolic Grid Directional Antenna

Parabolic Grid Antennas are are welded galvanized steel with grey color epoxy powder coat paint. Because of their design and color, they blend well with any background. This series of antenna have a history of 100?s of thousands of successful field installations. Antennas are complete with Reflector, Patented Dipole and Heavy Duty brackets for 1″ to 2″ diameter poles. These antenna systems are designed for extreme wind environments.

  • Frequency Range 2400-2485 MHz
  • Gain 15 dBi
  • VSWR 1:1.5 average
  • Maximum Input Power 50 W
  • Wind Load @ 100mph 8.2 lbs @ 140mph 16.1 lbs
  • Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
  • 24 inch Pigtail w/ N Type Female
  • Adjustable Elevation
  • Tight 19 degree beam width
  • Powder Coat Painted

Details SKU grid15 Weight4.75 lbs


15.4 dBi Comet Omni Antenna

This 15.4 dBi Super High Quality & High-Performance Omnidirectional Antenna from Comet, an industry leader in antennas, features an impressive 15.4 dBi gain for long-range multipoint applications along with a 3 degree down tilt for areas below the antenna in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. The mounting pipe helps protect the N female connector from rain/moisture. Heavy duty fiberglass radome, is durable enough to stand up to over 130 miles per hour wind gusts! Mounting is with two heavy duty extruded aluminum brackets and stainless steel U-Bolts.

  • Manufactured by well known major antenna company.
  • Frequency Range 2400-2500 MHz
  • 3 degree down-tilt
  • Gain 15.4 dBi
  • VSWR 1:1.5 max
  • Maximum Input Power 100 W
  • Wind Survival >150 MPH
  • Polarization Vertical
  • Integral N Type Female
  • 70 Inches Long
  • 2.5 inch max diameter mast





27.00 lbs


11 dBi Industrial Omni Directional Antenna
Redesigned, now with a white fiberglass radome.

Super high quality workmanship, heavy duty construction. It features an impressive 11 dBi of gain for long-range multi-point applications. It is designed to work in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Integral N Female at base of antenna.. Heavy duty fiberglass radome, is durable enough to stand up to over 150 miles per hour wind gusts!

  • Frequency Range 2400-2500 MHz
  • Gain 11 dBi
  • VSWR 1:1.5 max
  • Maximum Input Power 150 W
  • Wind Survival >150 MPH
  • Polarization Vertical
  • Integral N Type Female
  • 40 Inches Long
  • 2 inch max diameter mast





4.50 lbs


12 dBi Omni w/ 3 deg Down Tilt
This item is constructed of UV-stable fiberglass. It features 50 ohm passive feeds that come standard with a integral N type female. This antenna contains the latest in product technology at a cost effective price!

  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band
  • 802.11b and 802.11g wireless compatable
  • 3 degree electrical downtilt
  • Withstand up to 125 MPH (56 M/sec) Winds





13.65 lbs


9 dBi Fiberglass Omni Antenna

This 9 dBi omni integrates all of the latest technology in this new design. It is UV-stable, lightweight and has an integral N Female connector at the base.

  • 2.4 GHz ISM Band
  • 802.11b and 802.11g Compatable
  • Rated Wind Velocity 125 MPH (56 M/sec)





12.00 lbs


Compact 7.4dBi Omni Antenna

This is a compact, slick looking 7.4 dBi Super High-Quality & High-Performance Omnidirectional Antenna from Comet, an industry leader in antennas, features 7.4dBi of gain for short to medium-range multipoint applications. The antenna is all black with with a N Male connection at the base. We include the optional pole mount bracket with this antenna which converts to a N Female. Without the mount this antenna can screw down over any standard N Female panel mount for Wi-POP in a box applications.

  • White Fiberglass Construction
  • Compact 19″ length
  • Light weight 4.7 ounces!
  • Maximum wind survival is greater than 150 MPH
  • Optional Mobile lip mount available by special order
  • 802.11b and 802.11g compatible





1.00 lbs



Horizontal 13 dBi Omni Antenna
The PAWODH24 series Omni Directional Antennas are made from rigid aluminum extrusion and powder coat painted. Antennas come complete with mounting bracket for 2 inch to 2.5 inch OD pole. These antenna systems are designed for extreme environments. The antennas are Horizontally polarized and offer great rejection of vertically polarized interference.





15.00 lbs


19 dBi Directional Panel Antenna

The 2.4GHz Flat Panel Directional by Pacific Wireless are high gain, low profile gray color UV resistant ABS plastic radome with an aluminum backplate. Good for in or outdoor use.

  • Frequency Range 2400-2483 MHz
  • Gain 19 dBi
  • VSWR 1.5:1
  • Polarization Vertical or Horizontal
  • N Type Female Connector on back of antenna
  • 17.5 degree beam width





5.15 lbs


Indoor 10dBi Wall Mount Patch Ant

indoor antennas are constructed of UL94-V0 white ABS plastic. The low profile attractive styling blends well in most any office or home environment. Wall mounting is simple with 4 supplied screws and drywall anchors. The antenna comes with a N Female connector standard.


  • Frequency Range 2400 – 2483 MHz
  • 10 dBi Gain
  • N Female Connector on base
  • Indoor use





0.40 lbs


16 dBi 95 Deg Horizontal Sector Ant

Horizontally Polarized

Super Heavy Duty Construction

The Horizontally Polarized 95 Deg Sector Antennas are made from extruded aluminum and powder coat painted. Antennas come complete with a mounting bracket system which provides 10 deg of mechanical downtilt and accomodates a 2″ to 2.5″ OD pole. These antenna systems are designed for long life in harsh environments.

Connectors are on the front of the antenna to allow mounting of the antenna flat against a wall surface if desired.





39.00 lbs


Vagi Series Antenna 16 dBi

The Vagi Series antenna system is constructed of Die Cast Aluminum Alloy with anti-corrosion alodine finish. A standard adjustable 45 deg tilt galvanized steel bracket which accommodates a 1″ to 1.5″ pole diameter. The Vagi Series antenna can be used in a wide variety of wireless systems where low cost and great performance are required.

  • Frequency: 2400 – 2485 MHz
  • 16 dBi Gain
  • Aesthetic low wind load design
  • 24″ pigtail w/ N Female connector





2.90 lbs

This is a guide to

  • Building Your Own Wi-Fi Antenna Cable
  • Building a Classic Paperclip Antenna
  • Building a Directional Tin Can Antenna
  • Modifying Your Access Point with a High-Gain Antenna

Download The Guide

Create a Long-Distance Wi-Fi Link

it details how to select your access point sites, choose your antennas, and more. Creating a long-distance link simply means marrying many of the essentials of wireless with a dose of physics to overcome the obstacles of a far-reaching connection.

Download The Guide

  1. Dingo says:

    I got the Alfa USB on the recommendation of a friend. Works perfect in Backtrack 3! very happy with it!

  2. Ben says:

    Great write up, It’d be neat to see what you can pick up with some of those big booms… I was wondering if you could recommend a inexpensive wireless repeater or bridge.


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  4. Livio says:

    can you recommend a card for speeding up connection/downloading for my Dell studio laptop? i do not fancy a usb connection..but want to use 34 slot

    i have 3 computers in the house, win xp and vista, broadband size L up to 8mb,
    when downloading on one i cannot play on the other and viceversa so slow the connection becomes….(no difference the time of day!!)

    can you help?

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  6. Bright Axis says:

    The Ubiquiti SRX works very well with aircrack-ng. I use it with a mag mount omni directional 12dbi with a 1m copper wire. I use the USB-based mag mount GPS sensor (which gives NMEA output) with gpsd. Great for war driving.

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    Are buildings will be obstacles in front of a Wi-Fi Antena Sictor

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