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Backtrack is the most Top rated linux live distribution focused on penetration testing. With no installation whatsoever, the analysis platform is started directly from the DVD/USB PenDrive and is fully accessible within minutes.

based on kernel & Debian core packages & utilizing the Ubuntu software repositorie.BackTrack has gained massive popularity and was voted in 2006 as the #1 Security Live Distribution by Security professionals as well as new comers are using BackTrack as their favorite toolset all over the globe.

Every package, kernel configuration and script is optimized to be used by security penetration testers. Patches and automation have been added, applied or developed to provide a neat and ready-to-go environment.

Because Metasploit is one of the key tools for most analysts it is tightly integrated into BackTrack and both projects collaborate together to always provide an on-the-edge implementation of Metasploit within the BackTrack USB ISO images or the distributed and maintained virtualization images (like VMWare images appliances).

Being superior while staying easy to use is key to a good security live USB ISO. We took things a step further and aligned BackTrack to penetration testing methodologies and assessment frameworks (ISSAF and OSSTMM). This will help our professional users during their daily reporting nightmares.

No other commercial or freely available analysis platform offers an equivalent level of usability with automatic configuration and focus on penetration testing.

Last Update: 11.01.2010 Description: Image Download

Name:: bt4-final.iso Size: 1570 MB MD5: af139d2a085978618dc53cabc67b9269

Download: Click here

Disklabel: bt4-label.png

Description: VMware Image
Name:: Size: 2000 MB MD5
Download: Click here

Wifiway Linux Security OS

Wifiway is a live CD that it contains to the operating system Linux. It can make to cover Linux directly from the CDROM without installation. Although it has incorporated hardware of installation on the hard disk or in turnkeys USB.

Wifiway is a linux livecd designed for adapted to the wireless with international support of languages.

It is not based in debian, mandriva, fedora and slax, bundle has developed for bundle thanks to the project linuxfromscratch.

Live-cd create witch Linux-live-scripts

Wifiway versión 1.0 Final

664.6 megas (MB)

Wifiway Download


Wifislax is a Slackware-based live CD containing a variety of security and forensics tools. The distribution’s main claim to fame is the integration of various unofficial network drivers into the Linux kernel, thus providing out-of-the-box support for a large number of wired and wireless network cards.

Wifislax versión 3.1 (683MB)

WifiSlax Download


Wifislax Small 3.1

Wifislax Small 3.1 Download


Last Update: 11.01.2010 Description: Image Download Name:: bt4-final.iso Size: 1570 MB MD5: af139d2a085978618dc53cabc67b9269
  1. prayas says:

    thanxx man

  2. m says:

    none of your links to those builds work any more

  3. ibrahim khan says:

    plz sm body help me how to use this dictionary for cracking wap,wep network

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