Church of Wifi WPA-PSK/WPA2 Rainbow Tables(33.54 GB)

It’s been known for a while that WPA-PSK was vulnerable to brute force attack. Tools like Aircrack and coWPAtty took advantage of this weakness and provided a way to test keys against dictionaries.

Problem is, it’s a very slow process. Each passphrase is hashed 4096 times with SHA-1 and 256 bits of the output is the resulting hash. This is then compared to the hash generated in the initial key exchange. Alot of computing power is required for this. My dopey little P3/700 laptop only tests about 12 passphrases/second.

Masters Password Collection #1

This collection includes 3 tools. Large Text File Viewer (for lightning like viewing speed), WoRd_LiSt_MaNiPuLaTeR (a password manipulation program created by one of our very own members), and dictmake (a great program for making 8 and 9 character numeric wordlist for number ranges like 00000000-99999999 and 000000000-999999999). I didn’t include the 8 and 9 digit passlist because just the 9 digit file was 11 gigs uncompressed, and I’m giving you the tool to make it.

There are 12 folders and 195 individual .txt and other various file extensions (some files have no extension, and some extensions are incorrectly labeled I.E..file name should say wordlist.txt…and Englishtxt should say English.txt. You can do a massive extraction and merge all of these files in my Xploitz Passwords Directory with the command……

cat *.* > /root/bigfile.txt…tion.part1.rar…tion.part2.rar…tion.part3.rar…tion.part4.rar…tion.part5.rar…tion.part6.rar…tion.part7.rar

Masters Password Collection #2



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