Compiz Fusion on BT 4 beta(cube/wobbly/transparent)

Posted: Wednesday,February 11, 2009 in Wifi-Hacking

First install the display driver for your card e.g. radion/ my case I am using Nvidia 9200 M GS here is link to download.also check the supported chipset models.

please refer to this page for Nvidia chipset & to know which driver is for your chipset

In my case of Nvidia 9 Series Mobile chipset I am using


for installing it,its neccessary that you logout from KDE X

root@ThUnDeRbOLt:~#install nvidia

it will autoconfigure options according to kernel.if all went well you will see success message else note the error messages as it may be because of installing wrong drivers for chipset or mismatch in kernel version.

root@ThUnDeRbOLt:~#apt-get install compiz compiz-fusion-plugins-extra compiz-fusion-plugins-unsupported emerald simple-ccsm fusion-icon

For Emerald windows decorator download:
root@ThUnDeRbOLt:~#dpkg -i libemeraldengine0_0.7.2-0ubuntu2_i386.deb
root@ThUnDeRbOLt:~#dpkg -i emerald_0.7.2-0ubuntu2_i386.deb

Upgrade the Emerald themes using
root@ThUnDeRbOLt:~#svn ls
This will download and install the security key needed later to install these themes. When it asks, accept the certificate permanently.

More themes can be found here.Download and import in emerald theme manager

Invoke the compiz-fusion icon through backtrack menu->system->compiz fusion

right click on compiz fusion icon and choose reload window manager

some of effects you would like to play with
For cube its neccessary to have minimum 4 first we set it
go to backtrack menu->system->settings->desktop->multiple desktops
set here 4 desktop at least

now right click on the compiz fusion icon and choose setting manager
choose genral options
select desktop size tab
move slider Horizontal Virtual Size to 4(Number of desktop you want to see)
press back to go back

now from effect choose desktop cube & Rotate cube
configure zoom setting in rotate cube->genral tab set zoom to 0.1827(play with this setting)

now when you can use this effect by holding ctrl+alt  & left mouse button or by simply pressing middle mouse button in the center of desktop.

Wobbly windows
click on this and enable it and goto genral tab & set friction to 2.1926(play with this setting)

enable 3D Windows
enable Animations

If you want cube reflection & deformation then select it as it will present cube in deform one.

cube atlantis will fill fishes etc in the depth of cube.the topmost part.see them playing.
goto cube atlantis water/ground tab & clear the checkbox render water wireframe

goto desktop cube->transparent cube tab and adjust the “opacity during rotation” slider to 85.0000(set according to your wish)

select skydome & cube caps(upper cube caps)for desktop
goto desktop cube->appearance tab select image file
goto desktop cube->appearance tab checkbox select skydome option & choose image

now you have seen a lot of tweaks.have a beautiful desktop ahead.

compiz-effect1Water effect on backtrack 4 beta

compiz-effect2Fire effect on Back|Track 4 Beta

compiz-effect3Some Color Firy effect on BT4

compiz-effect4Blur effect on BT4 Beta

compiz-effect5Cube Relection & deformation effect in BackTrack 4 Beta

compiz-effect6Rotating 3D Cube in Back|Track 4 Beta

compiz-effect73D Cube with Transparent cube atlantis(fishes inside cube)

compiz-effect8Expo Effect of multiple desktops in BT 4

compiz-effect9cube effect after setting cube caps & skydome

For Enabling emerald theme manager
Right click on fusion icon
select window decorator as emerald
select window manager as compiz
choose the themes from Emerald Theme Manager
you should have pretty desktop now in front of you.

compiz-effect10Emerald Theme on B|T 4

compiz-effect116 desktop in rotating cube with Emerald theme

  1. nasrudiin says:

    It was great and i have tested on the USB bt4. Thank you

  2. Testor says:

    I’m new to linux, how to check my vga driver model in command line?? I’m getting stuck with this.

    Overall, Nice blog to learn.


  3. Luke says:

    Where did you get that wallpaper?? thanks

  4. vril says:

    I can not seem to see any themes on emerald after this, i went to add/remove in system and added the new themes, they installed but every time I click Reload Window Manager the screen turns black and I have to poweroff manually.


  5. jp says:

    svn ls
    Error validating server certificate for ‘’:
    – The certificate is not issued by a trusted authority. Use the
    fingerprint to validate the certificate manually!
    – The certificate hostname does not match.
    Certificate information:
    – Hostname:
    – Valid: from Fri, 22 Jul 2005 06:47:53 GMT until Mon, 20 Jul 2015 06:47:53 GMT
    – Issuer: webserver, The Next Generation, Elverum, Hedmark, NO
    – Fingerprint: a7:41:cf:01:d6:ed:2d:e3:ea:94:c1:ec:31:f1:69:68:ba:7d:d2:b3


  6. Kreeshed says:

    hello there i am haveing a hard time geting or installing my vid card drivers i know some commands but im not soo good if some one could help me get compiz to work i would be very glad seeing i wanna get more into Bt i have. Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family plz tell me where to get and how to install the driver Backtrack 4 R2

  7. hijaz says:

    thanks…but the problem is that i am using a wireless..its name is awuso36h..alpha company. and wen i try 2 downlaod compiz fusion it says ‘failed to download repository information’. can u help me..

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